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An Interview With Horror Host Rob Delamorte

Podcasts have fast become a great outlet for the independent artist in all of us to make our voices heard. Meet Rob Delamorte, a fella who fits the bill as a horror aficionado to a T. Not only does he know his shit, he also has surrounded himself with a great supporting cast of co-hosts and people who work outside of the sound booth.
Then there's the guests. When a podcast has the likes of Dee Wallace, Lance Henriksen and Doug Bradley as guests, you know you're getting the best of the best.

So let's take a few minutes to wander through the foggy woods and down, down, down into Delamorte's Dungeon Of Deadly Delights
Rob has promised not to bite.

1. Tell us about your podcast and how that all came about.

It's been an interesting ride dude.I have been a horror fan since probably seven years old.
My mom was a single mom and kept me occupied with videos. I was scared to death alot of the time.But I was in love from the start.
Jump forward many years later, I answered a status on Facebook by Horrornew's editor in chief, Dai Green.Dai was looking for a sub columnist so she could take a sick leave. I answered the ad, got the call back, and I began writing for a column called Horror Talk.
Something I was doing, my style, resonated with people. I noticed after a few months that a fan base was growing.
Then I wanted to do something different- I wanted to attempt to interview all of my favorite people.So I began to make that happen- contacting agents and publicists in L.A, working on resumes and the whole lot.
All of a sudden, I had everyone from Michael Rooker to Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) calling my old apartment. It was crazy!
I wanted to let everyone be as excited as I was to hear from these people. I wanted to hear them laugh, to be human. So I utilized something that anyone can- a podcast.The difference was myself and my partner Apocalypse Amy Lynes spoke to a guest three times a week. Not an easy feat, just for the record.I do love and miss Amy very much.We are still great friends.
We did this for seven months and all of a sudden I was asked to move to Jackalope Radio run by our fearless and awesome leader,Todd Sheets.So now I have a national radio show with a guest every week!And it's going great!

2. How did Doug Bradley get involved with this project?!

Well, I had Doug on the show for the first time, which was incredible!Absolutely one of my favorite actors and people. He mentioned his company Renegade Arts Entertainment/Spinechillers. Spinechillers is a project where Doug reads classic horror literature on disc. I was in love with the idea from the start!
Doug and I spoke through email after the show and I asked him how I could be a part of this.After many emails and conference calls with Doug's business partner, the great Alexander Finbow, they agreed that this was something they wanted. Haha!This was not easy.
About two months of continuously proving my mettle, now we have a growing business relationship and friendship. I cannot begin to explain how honored I am to have Doug's name attached to my baby. There are no words for it!
I should also mention I have another great sponsor.A clothing and apparel company based out of Santa Ana called Se7en Deadly. These clothes are dark, beautiful, just perfect for horror fans! I am proud to have them on board as well. You can see all of their killer stuff at SE7ENDEADLY.COM. All of the great Spinechillers products at RENEGADEARTSENTERTAINMENT.COM is just as awesome. Believe me- you guys will love this stuff!

3.Who are some of the most memorable guests you've had on?

Oh man, what a question! Keep in mind that along with the podcast I have spoken to over one hundred people. This is not easy to answer. How about a list?

Dee Wallace,Caroline Williams,Lance Henriksen,  Doug, Sarah Butler from the remake of I Spit On Your Grave, Camille Keaton, Michael Rooker, William Sadler, Tom Noonan, Olivia Hussey, and my absolute favorite actor since I was a kid, Michael Biehn.That was pretty mindblowing for me. Elvira was pretty crazy too!         

4. One of my favorite women in horror, Barb Breese, (keep an eye out for her interview in February!)  is a part of your podcast. How did you two meet?

I met my entire team on Facebook actually. Barb was a fan of the podcast, and when we had Michael Rooker on the podcast, she freaked!
Funny thing was Barb had me convinced she was from Greece! Get it? Barb Breese..from Greece? She had myself and my partner so convinced that she was listening to us all the way out there! It felt awesome! Anyways, when I was offered the radio show, I put out a search for new co-hosts. Barb contacted me and she seemed like a great choice! I must say that Jessica Dwyer is just as important! Jess is a huge asset to everything, an incredible woman as well! I have to say I truly love and would do anything for either one of them. They are my sisters. My Demonesses.

And let me introduce my other co-host, actress and model Julie Anne Prescott! Julie is also an incredible woman. Very talented and drop dead gorgeous, inside and out. I am happy of the fact that I can bring some new strong female power into the horror realm! Women are highly important in the genre. I have alot of respect for them.

5. What are some of your favorite horror films?

Oh wow!Yet another difficult question. Once again I will give you a list.

Friday The 13th, Hellraiser, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare On Elm Street. I also like classic monster movies, some B horror as well.

Sci-fi horror like Aliens. Let's not forget John Carpenter's Halloween. That man can do no wrong for me!

6. If you could remake one horror film, which would it be and why?

One word: Lifeforce! A very underrated classic cult movie by Tobe Hooper- space vampires! Zombies! A very hot Mathilda May! I would love to see that re-done..well!

7. As a horror fanatic, what makes for a great horror film in your eyes?

A great horror film to me has characters you care about, a great memorable villain, and a well written story with imagination and creativity. A story that shows love to classic fomulas without stealing them. Cinematography is important. There are so many facets to a great feature. Cheap or expensive, you can tell when someone gives a shit and puts love into their work.

8. What is your favorite subgenre of horror?

I love a bit of everything- slashers, thrillers, just everything..

9. What was the first horror film you remember seeing and how did it affect you?

Well, to be honest, it was Michael Jackson's Thriller! Just awesome! I was a kid and I was scared to death by the video. But if you're old enough, you remember they played the video and the 'making of' on a loop. Seeing that was what intrigued me about the behind the scenes aspect of things.

I became interested in the work of John Landis. Even that young I was doing research. I watched American Werewolf In London on VHS, and off we went!

10. Have you ever thought about writing or directing a horror film of your own?

Oh hell yeah! I have so many ideas in this dark, messed up head! Hahaha! For sure bro!

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the world of horror?

Hmmm, five years... I would just hope that we are still relevant. Still rockin' and rollin'! Hopefully The Dungeon as a whole will be a force by then. A great union with many other publications and companies.

See, I'm an old school punk/metal-head. I'm all about community and helping out people.

Maybe write a book or a screenplay. Who knows.

Right now, we are kicking ass and you can catch the show on Saturdays at 11pm est/8pm pc on JACKALOPERADIO.COM! Right now we have incredible ratings, great friends and allies in the industry and a great fanbase! Actually, let me end with the fans. I absolutely have a love and respect for each of them.We would be absolutely nothing without them! I realize this every single day of my life.I hope they can see that. Thank you so much for this opportunity bro!

Check out The Dungeon every Saturday at 11pm EST on JACKALOPERADIO.COM !

I would like to thank Rob for all of his time and thoughts. Don't fret, kiddies- this won't be the last time Rob graces this blog! Only next time, I'll be pulling him out of the dungeon and into my lair!! Keep your eyes peeled!!


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