Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A quick update on projects and potential awesomeness to come over the next few months.

Hello all.
With my favorite month of the year now four days old, I'm getting ready to enjoy quite possibly the best end to a year I've ever experienced.

First things first, obviously, the 'DEAD.' premiere at the historic Genesee Theatre on October 22nd at 4pm already has giant butterflies gnawing at my insides. I absolutely cannot wait to share my debut flick with my friends and loved ones, along with anyone and everyone who is willing to sit through 35 minutes of $53 zombie film awesomeness.

Wanna read up on the process of 'DEAD.'?? Check out the DEAD. Journal, only at Ravenous Monster!!!

After that awesome premiere night, I will have roughly three weeks to finalize everything for my first feature-length film, 'Voices In The Woods'. We begin shooting the weekend of November 12-13.

I have an amazing cast for this project- most of whom are seasoned veterans from the 'DEAD.' shoot. Fronted by Oscar Elias (my co-worker and left-field ideas/stories wingman) and Timika Williams (quite possibly the sweetest gal on the face of the earth), 'Voices' tells the story of a tormented relationship and the depths one can fall when a horrible accident tears their world apart.

Sometime in December I will be filming my follow-up to 'DEAD.', my second short titled "La Llorona".
Based on the awesomely creepy Mexican legend you can read up on here-


I am going to have a blast with my interpretation of the legend and the horror that follows it!!! 
Keep an eye out for a cast announcement in the near future!

Of course, I continue to scribble in notebooks on a nightly basis, with a few new short stories being born as of late. I truly hope to compile an anthology in the very near future and this will be the place I announce it first!

Thanks for all the support, peeps!

Rock on and keep screamin'-


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