Friday, January 6, 2012

Women In Horror Interview Update!!

** no no no, I did not add Jamie to the interview lineup, she's just one of my favorite Women In Horror symbols ;)


With February 1st fast approaching, it is my absolute honor to announce that as of tonight, forty-two, count 'em FORTY-TWO amazing women in the horror genre have returned their interviews to me!

Thus far, here is the lineup of interviews I will be showcasing here at Mangled Matters:

April Taylor
April Burril
Ashleigh Nichols
Barb Breese
Barbara Stepansky
Betsy Baker
Char Hardin
Christie Bastet
Christy Sturman
Cindy Baer
Cyndi Crotts
Dana Buning
Elisabeth Fies
Heidi Martinuzzi
Inker Bella
Jennifer Cooper
Kandi Ranson
Karen Lam
Karen Zombora
Kate Glover
Kayleigh Frost
Kelsey Zukowski
Lianne Spiderbaby
Lisa Coffelt
Lori Bowen
Marichelle Daywalt
Maude Michaud
Megan Sacco
Melanie Light
Michelle Shields
Michelle Tomlinson
Penny Dreadful
Reyna Young
Rhonda Kachur
Sage Hall
Shannon Lark
Sophia Segal
Stacy Hammon
Theresa Tilly
Ursula Dabrowsky
Xstine Cook

We will be celebrating WOMEN IN HORROR RECOGNITION MONTH all February long (and bleeding into March!!), with these fantastic interviews. We will also be enjoying essays on the importance as well as the future of the X chromosome in horror!

It's going to be a blast, folks!

Stay tuned!!

UPDATE!!! Toya Turner and Zoƫ Daelman Chlanda have now joined the caravan of awesomeness as well!! Ha cha cha!!!


  1. You can add Rebekah Herzberg to that list!

  2. This is really awesome. I like your site! Please check out and follow

  3. Thanks very much for the support, guys! February here at Mangled Matters will NOT disappoint!