Monday, December 12, 2011

'VOICES IN THE WOODS': an update on the first weekend of filming!


When I awoke Saturday morning, the 10th day of December 2011, the first thing I did was take a step outside to see how it would be feeling on our first day of shooting my first feature-length film.
The first thought that ran into my head was "Holy shit, it's freezing out."

22 degrees and clear blue skies smiled down upon us as my awesomely dedicated cast and crew braved the elements to put in a 6.5 hour day out in the woods.

The fantastic Amber Kuehl, playing the female lead role of Megan, was everything I had hoped for and then some. Her gung-ho attitude combined with the fact that she nailed every scene on the first take was a true God send.

Oscar Elias, playing the male lead role of Harold, stunned me. This is a guy I work with a spend roughly 50 hours a week with. I thought I knew the dude inside and out. He was truly in game mode throughout the day, busting out fantastic puns and douche bag comments that fit his character perfectly.

The supporting cast who stuck around the entire day- Molly Ward, Hailey Kuehl, Troy Gates, Junior Elias, Hayley Goza, Omi Doss and Marissa Garza- were just as important as a great support group as they were in their roles on this film project.

Molly Ward hardly flinched when I told her to scream "you son of a BITCH!" at the top of her lungs and lunge at someone twice her size as the sun began to sink and internal body temperatures HAD to have been dipping into the single digits.

The three gals- Hayley, Omi and Marissa- awaited their big moment anxiously, and while we didn't quite get to their big pay-off scene, I assure them they will have tons of fun when we DO get to it, which will be the next time we assemble as a cast and crew!!

Thanks to Chris Sowers and Tim Godsey, who also assisted before punching the clock at their real jobs!!

I look forward to a great second day of shooting (hopefully within the next week or two!!!) and I plan on having at least one trailer up and ready for you all to view by the end of THIS WEEK!!!!! With promo shots as well!! Woo hooo!!

Thank you all very, very much for your support and enthusiasm!! Without you, I'd just be a weird dude talking to myself. With you all, I'm a weird dude talking to awesome people like yourself!!!

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