Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Directed by: Anthony G. Sumner
Released: 2011

I admit- I am a sucker for horror anthologies. Whether we're talking books, television series or movies, I'm always down for a trick or treat sack full of surprises and interweaving stories!

I first caught wind of 'Slices Of Life' via Facebook, seeing as how one of my favorite indie actresses, Kaylee Williams, was promoting the DVD release big time earlier this year. After finding out it was filmed in the Chicagoland area and featured mostly an all-Chicagoland cast, I was ready to find my copy.

After weeks of waiting for the ONLY copy at my local video rental store to finally re-appear on the shelves, I went with my gut and invested the $12 at FYE and bought it brand spanking new. I can only hope that copy missing from Family Video is in the hands of a horror enthusiast who enjoyed the film as much as I did.

'Slices...' has it all- creepy kids, brainwashed flesh-eaters, creatures reminiscent of Stephen King's 'ass weasels' from 'Dreamcatcher'... and of course, a talented cast and crew who do the indie world proud with this low budget production!

The film centers around a young woman (Kaylee Williams) who wakes up in the front of a roadside hotel that only Norman Bates could love.
Williams' character, Mira, is dealing with a case of amnesia and thanks to three mysterious flesh covered books and the aid of two creepy hotel caretakers, she slowly starts to learn about the nuances of everyday life and may be realizing exactly who she is or what she does.

The trio of stories begins with WORK LIFE, which, in all honesty, is my least favorite of the anthology. With all due respect to the cast and crew, it just didn't click for me. I thought the storyline was promising and the special effects were certainly gross when they needed to be (I'll never look at a computer mouse the same way again), but I felt the acting was forced and the ultimate pay off wasn't quite worth the time I invested getting excited about a computer virus that turns office deadheads into literal deadheads.

If WORK LIFE earned a C on my report card, the second story, HOME LIFE, made honor roll. 
Toya Turner portrays a young pregnant woman who is haunted by apparitions of demonic children who seem intent on tracking her down until she gives up her unborn child. 
The story was fantastic- a real thriller from start to finish, complete with two main actors- Toya Turner and Thurston Hill- who I found easy to relate to. I quickly found myself rooting for the lovely young mother-to-be while muttering "that dude's got something going on..." about Mr. Hill's character. 
I cannot emphasis enough how creepy the demon children were. For low budget effects, the crew assembled did a fantastic job with this aspect of the film.

The anthology wraps up with SEX LIFE, which was another grade-A performance in my book. I loved the historical nod to a very infamous Woman Of Horror, as well as the acting of Deneen Melody and Judith Lesser, who really knocked it out of the park. There is plenty of gross-out factor in the last few minutes of the story and reminded me of a Clive Barker story. I loved it. 

As we return from the three stories, we find Mira (Ms. Williams) is seeing these characters wandering the lobby of the hotel she is now working the desk of. 
It's unsure whether or not these characters are just figments of Mira's imagination or actually a part of her life, which adds to the thrill of this film.

When Mira goes to the hotel caretakers (Marv Blauvelt and Helene Alter-Dyche in wonderful supporting roles), shit really hits the fan.  Granny panties have never been a fetish of mine. After the last few minutes of 'Slices..', rest assured they never will be.

My Grade: 8/10

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