Sunday, October 16, 2011

'VOICES IN THE WOODS' : My first feature-length film project

With filming slated to begin during the weekend of November 12 and 13, we are less than a month away from my most ambitious project to date. I am ridiculously excited.

The script for 'Voices In The Woods' was scribbled out on a legal pad in February. After a few re-reads, some re-writes and a handful of test reads by horror fans and unbias folks I was lucky enough to know, the script began getting printed out this past week.

I'm ecstatic to be working with alot of the same cast and crew as I was fortunate enough to have with me for 'DEAD.', my short zombie flick that premieres in 6 days.

Through this blog, I will be posting brief interviews I've tossed out to the cast and crew of 'Voices', just for the heck of it. These wonderful people deserve the spotlight- I'm simply the dude who wrote the script. They're doing all the real work. For that, they fuckin' rock.

*Interviews will be posted this week!

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