Monday, October 17, 2011

'VOICES IN THE WOODS': the first word on my first feature-length directorial project

Here you are, boils and ghouls- the first look at the movie poster for my psychological terror 'Voices In The Woods' (slated to begin filming Nov. 12, 2011).

A huge thanks is in order to the fantastically talented Kevin Spencer- a true, good friend who has a deep love for the horror genre and is hands down one of the most talented artists working today. Please check out his work at:

He's a great guy and I truly thank him big time for all the great work he's helped me with!

Next, a quick synaposis of 'Voices In The Woods':

A young couple, Harold and Carmen, are the epitome of a horrible relationship.
Harold is a suffocating, abusive boyfriend with serious psychological issues of his own that originate from a gray but terrifying childhood.
Carmen is the quiet, submissive girlfriend who takes his verbal and emotional jabs at nearly every turn.

When infidelity is brought to the table one evening, a staggering personal blow is also landed on one of the members of the relationship on the same night the unfaithful acts have been discovered.

While headed to a somber weekend out of town, the couple are forced to face their relationship problems head on- until a verbal fight breaks out. 

A sudden act of violence leaves one person incapacitated and the other must fend off their demons while also commiting a heinous act of selfishness. 

I aspire to achieve the 'Alfred Hitchcock vibe' with this project- I firmly believe in the script I have written and the cast and crew I've acquired for this film. 

That being said, here's a quick look at the main cast and crew:

Harold will be played by a co-worker of mine and a good friend, Oscar Elias.
Oscar has a supporting cast role in 'DEAD.' and is very excited to be working with a lead role. I immediately envisioned Oscar as my Harold- he's a big, rubber-faced guy who is able to flip emotions with the snap of his fingers.

Carmen will be played by a fantastic young woman who aspires to be an actress and has been one of my friends since kindergarten. Timika Williams is a wonderful actress who is one of the female leads from 'DEAD.' and has a true knack for her passion. It's an honor to have such a talented, rising star on my cast.

Molly, Carmen's best friend and a waitress in the film, will be played by Molly Ward.
Another one of the three female leads from 'DEAD.', Molly has been a great friend of mine for quite a while and has the gung-ho attitude and enthusiasm critical to allow an independent film to be a success.

Aubrey, the local cop, is being portrayed by Ryan Engle.
Ryan is another zombie extra from 'DEAD.' who possesses a great work ethic and really does all he can to make his scenes work. I needed a calm, charismatic guy for this role and Ryan is a great fit.

Leslie Banks, a mysterious young woman from Harold's past, is played by Amber Kuehl.
My cousin, Amber fits this role perfectly. I will not be revealing much about Leslie!

Other talented and enthusiastic faces from 'DEAD.' who will be helping with 'Voices...' include:

Eryn Stilp (my sister, the third female lead from 'DEAD.'- she's always supported my writing and is always willing to help out with a project)

Omi Doss, Hayley Goza and Marrisa Garza (my three Zombie MVPs in 'DEAD.'- these young ladies did anything and everything it took to make their zombie scenes really stand out. Hayley in particular quickly became the guinea pig zombie- getting everything from red food dye to alka-seltzer to mushroom smelling green goo poured over her)

Behind the cameras, I'm fortunate enough to be bringing back Tim Godsey to help me with camera work. Tim is a great friend who is probably the most committed volunteer I've ever met.

So peeps- there ya have it. The first look into 'Voices In The Woods'. It's going to be a helluva fun time and I will be keeping you all posted through Mangled Matters!!!

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