Monday, October 10, 2011

'Crestfallen': A Review

 Directed by: Jeremiah Kipp

In six minutes, Jeremiah Kipp does more than most directors manage to achieve in two hours.
Starring Deneen Melody, an incredibly talented actress and writer in the horror genre, as Lo, 'Crestfallen' packs a deep, emotional punch that left me sitting in silence in front of the computer for several minutes after the final credits had disappeared.

Lo is a beautiful, young woman who has had her life crumble all around her. When she decides to make the ultimate decision, her life flashes before her eyes. She questions her decision after the deed has been done and now must live through every peak and valley of her life in a crimson bath tub. Whether it's her last decision or not has to be seen for yourself.

The film is beautifully done, complete with a stirring instrumental behind the use of fantastic colors (bleak and dull vs. bright and vibrant). The light and shade in this film is probably my favorite attribute of the six-minute short.

Kipp has really captured raw emotion, striking a nerve that rarely is hit on.

While it's password protected right now, I look forward to hearing great things about this short via film festivals in the months to come, as should you.

My rating: 10/10

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