Friday, October 14, 2011

'Summer Of The Zombies': A Review

Directed by:
Ashleigh Nichols & Eddie Beasley

Ashleigh Nichols, half of the brilliant duo that brought this 'zomedy' to life and was gracious enough to toss me a link to the video, is freakin' awesome.

Ok, now on to the film itself-
I don't know what I loved most about this ten-minute short.
Perhaps it was Barak Hardley as an over-enthusiastic vegan husband who delivered some of the funniest panic lines I've ever heard. Maybe it was the fact that this is a film about tolerance (vegans are people, too), zombie love and guts. The completely kick ass practical effects and make-up have to be included in this love fest too.

Casey Gates stars as a wife turned zombie who goes through a multitude of issues before our very eyes- zombie attack, zombie transformation, a search of her inner self, being ostercized by fellow undeadies, and finding true love.
I couldn't stop laughing during several parts of the film. I was also in awe of the technical aspects of this project. Kudos, Ashleigh and Eddie Beasley. Kudos.

So while I can't pinpoint my favorite thing about this film, I can tell you this with definite conviction- it is one hilarious, fantastically well done film from a tandem that I can only hope continues their work in the horror genre for many, many years to come.

My rating: 10/10

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