Tuesday, January 24, 2012

'House Call': A Review

Directed by: Erik L. Wilson

As a self-proclaimed sucker of paranormal films, especially ones that evoke the heebie jeebies of 'Poltergeist', it should come as little suprise that I am about to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed Erik Wilson's 'House Call'.

As far as short films go, sometimes they feel too rushed. Intro, blood and guts, end.
Just because the running time of a film barely hits the double digit mark, doesn't mean it can't build suspense and terror.
Short horror films in particular are truly a test of one's directorial chops, and let me tell you, Mr. Wilson knocked this one out of the park.

The story is a very cool one- a scandal, ghosts, and a creepy old lady who may or may not have escaped from an asylum. Horror goodies, ahoy!

When a young woman grows tired of her husband's bullying and bossing around, she makes the decision any frustrated wife has pondered now and then- kill him.

Already having a boyfriend on the side, the woman is free to live her life of happiness and cuddles now that Mr. A-hole husband is gone. (I'd have killed him too if he was trash talking me while taking a bath).

A year into her newfound life of bliss, eerie occurences begin. An odd old woman (made quite creepy, thanks to excellent practical effects) begins showing up around the couple's home, chanting and mumbling incoherantly.

All the negative energy of the dastardly crime committed finally reaches a boiling point one night and the couple is left to deal with the consequences.

The tension is built wonderfully- a la the original 'Halloween', we are treated to jaunts down dark hallways, across closed doors and searching for the origin of the creepy sounds around the corner.

The special effects were solid, the camera work is top notch and the acting puts this film in a class of horror shorts elite.

My Grade: 9/10

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