Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Women In Horror Recognition Month- An Interview Project For The Ages!!!

Alright, so, if you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have begun an epic interview project to celebrate the third annual Women In Horror Recognition Month!

February, 2012 is going to be a huge month here at Mangled Matters and I hope all of you are daily visitors, as I put the spotlight on some of the most talented women the horror world has to offer. In fact, I dare anyone to find a more talented group of ladies on any other horror fan's blog!

Thanks to these lovely women and the fact that they are some of the most kind and friendly people I've ever had the privilege of chatting with, I will be interviewing 40 Women In Horror (as of November 16.. I'm giving myself until December 15th to finalize my list.. by then, it could be up to 75! haha)!

Throughout the month of February, I will be posting the interviews I've conducted with these incredible ladies via e-mail right here, only on Mangled Matters!!

Sooo, without further ado, here's the confirmed list as of tonight. It's going to be one helluva month!! LONG LIVE WOMEN IN HORROR!!!

Hannah Neurotica  (founder, Women In Horror Recognition Month)

Elisabeth Fies (Co-founder, Bleedfest Film Festival.. director/producer)

Jennifer Cooper (founder, Jennifer's Bodies Film Festival... kick ass blogger)

Tara Cardinal  (stunt woman extraordinnaire/ actress/ producer)

Rhonda Kachur (kick ass blogger/ horror film expert)

Kayleigh Frost  (writer/ filmmaker)

Elissa Dowling (actress/producer)

Reyna Young (founder, Last Doorway Productions... writer/producer/director/actress)

Michelle Shields (actress/ comic book goddess)

Megan Sacco  (founder, Stiletto Film Festival... actress/ charity founder)

Inker Bella (pin-up model/ actress)

Lianne Spiderbaby Mac (writer, Fangoria Magazine... actress/ podcast creator)

April A. Taylor (horror photographer)

Ursula Dabrowsky (writer/director)

Karen Zombora  (model/ actress/ comic book goddess)

Michelle Tomlinson (stunt woman extraordinnaire/ actress/ director/ producer)

Lisa Coffelt (director/ editor)

Karen Lam (director/ producer)

Heather Langenkamp (actress/ writer/ make-up)

Beverly Randolph (actress/ producer)

Kate Glover (director/ producer)

Ashleigh Nichols (director/writer)

Cindy Baer (director/producer/actress)

Lori Bowen (director/writer/producer)

Maude Michaud (director/writer/editor)

Marichelle Daywalt (director/producer/editor)

Cyndi Crotts (model/comic book goddess)

Shannon Lark (co-founder, Viscera Film Festival... director/producer/actress)

Heidi Honeycutt (co-founder, Viscera Film Festival... director/producer/actress)

April Monique Burril (actress/ producer/ costume design)

Devanny Pinn (writer/producer/actress/comic book goddess)

Elza Kephart (director/writer)

Melanie Light (art designer/production designer)

Kaylee Williams (actress/producer)

Briony Kidd (director/writer/editor)

Penny Dreadful (host/writer)

Barb Breese (kick ass blogger/ horror fanatic)

Dai Green (actress/writer/charity founder)

Christie Bastet (horror dolls creator)

Christy Sturman (horror dolls creator)

.... Now is that a kick ass list or what?!!?

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