Thursday, November 3, 2011


OK, so for at least the last 10 years I have been telling the world I want to be a writer. Over those 10 years, I cannot tell you how many craptastic short stories I've scribbled down. A particularly bad 'favorite' of mine is a rip-off of Wrong Turn I wrote right back in sophomore year of high school... I wrote my version in 2002! The movie didn't come out til 2003! But my version wasn't nearly as entertaining.. and Eliza Dushku probably wouldn't have agreed to be in my adaptation...

However, for every 4 or 5 cruddy stories I've written, 1 is nestled in my binder at home simply titled "W.I.Ps- keep!!".

I have been enthusiastically revising and editing a bunch of these over the last few months and am excited to announce that over the next few months I will be earnestly attempting to get them published- whether it be through a small publishing company or self-published!

So, keep your eyes peeled for news and updates. If you guys are super good, perhaps an excerpt or two will find it's way on here.

Keep screamin'-


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